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Chemical Synthetic Products Business

Utilizing the technology and know-how of silicone rubber roll production, cultivated over half a century, we design, develop, and manufacture high-performance silicone rubber rolls to meet the various needs of film and sheet manufacturers.
By actively challenging new issues, we contribute to improvement of productivity in a wide range of fields such as optical film, building material film, packaging film, hygiene product film, and adhesive tape manufacturing. We are aiming for higher value products and propose original compounding designs for each application.

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Uniquely compounded design for each application to contribute to improvement of customers’ productivity

Excellent mold releasability and heat resistance


Seamless processing

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Adjustment of surface roughness for application

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Strong physical strength and excellent heat resistance

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Silicone rubber rolls coated
with fluororesin


The product combines fluororesin properties and rubber elasticity

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Effective for static electricity


Antistatic function

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Conductivity function

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Silicone rubber roll with special processing on the surface gives it functionality


Mirror finish with adjustable gloss

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High slip function, created by special processing

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High non-adhesiveness with uneven structure

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IT68S-Laser engraving Roll

Any pattern can be engraved

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Dust removal silicone rubber rolls

IT68S-Cleaning roll

Adjustment of heat resistance and adhesive strength according to purpose

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Elastic metal rolls


The product combines of metallic properties and rubber elasticity

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Corona treatment silicone rubber roll


Excellent ozone resistance

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Soft touch silicone rubber rolls


Low load deformation and hardness adjustment

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Non-adhesive coating


Special coating on various base materials

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