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Textile Business

Since the foundation, we have been developing business as a textile converter, from planning and development of textile materials to providing clothing accessory materials to innerwear and outerwear manufacturers, and planning and development of health and beauty products and household goods.
Along with the globalization of the production area, we established a company in Shanghai in 2003 and established a system that can respond to the diverse needs of customers as a base for local material procurement and manufacturing networks.
In 2019, we established Owa factory in Gunma Prefecture, and expanded our business by creating a new system that enables us to propose and supply low-cost, high-quality products through integrated production from resin foam manufacturing to final products.

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Innerwear materials / products

We supply lamination of inside material of brassiere cups using non-woven fabrics and cotton tricots, and molded bra cups, pads and molded innerwear products using resin foams based on proprietary technologies as the main products to the innerwear manufacturers throughout the country. More information

Life / Industry / Industrial materials

Utilizing domestic and overseas networks, we offer a wide range of materials and products from industry/industrial materials to daily life materials.
We procure and process materials for various industrial materials such as textile materials and narrow belt materials mainly for helmet interior materials and hook-and-loop fastener applications and handle various packaging materials that have been subjected to secondary processing and gather nonwoven fabric manufacturer materials such as spunbond as main material. More information

Material development

We always carry out marketing that captures the needs of our customers, and strive to develop and sell new products and develop new markets. We use lightweight, zero-water-absorbing polypropylene materials, products that use deodorant fibers using special processing, and resin foam-related products, and working on materials and products that support our customers' comfortable living. More information

Foam product business

We are working on products that are combined with special processed fibers, using foams such as EVA, which are lightweight and environmentally friendly materials that support the life style of our customers. We have built an integrated production system from sheet manufacturing to secondary processing using our unique foam system for the foam materials. Therefore, we will propose material designs in a timely manner that meet the needs of our customers. More information

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