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Polymeric Compounds Business

We provide High value-added products centered on rubber and elastomer materials, ranging from industrial fields such as electrical and electronic equipment to household goods, making full use of sheet processing technology and compounding technology cultivated through many years of polymer research.

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Silicone thermal release sheet

A highly flexible silicone sheet with excellent thermal conductivity and is high-efficiency material that conducts heat in between a heating element and a heat sink / metal frame. More information

IT sheet

This product of silicone rubber lining on glass cloth substrate has excellent heat resistance, releasability, durability, and solvent resistance. 詳しくはこちら

TG sheet

An adhesive sheet using a special elastomer that can be used repeatedly and has excellent transparency and removability. More information

Elemac sheet

This is a curing sheet that shields electromagnetic waves generated from construction tools and power supply cables, etc., and protects electronic devices more safely when they are expanded or refurbished in an electronic device room. More information

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