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IT sheet

This product of silicone rubber lining on a glass cloth substrate has excellent heat resistance, old release effect, durability, and solvent resistance. It can also be used for packing materials and non-slip materials for electronic equipment and machine tools.

Two types are available: double-sided silicone type, single-sided silicone and single-sided adhesive type.


A composite sheet in which silicone rubber with excellent heat resistance and cushioning is lined on both sides of a glass cloth substrate.


  • ◇FPC cover lay film thermocompression assist ・Buffer material
  • ◇Thermocompression bonding aids and cushioning materials for printed circuit board production


  • ◇Uniform pressure distribution and thermal conductivity can be obtained in thermocompression bonding due to excellent dimensional stability and cushioning.
  • ◇It has durability that can be used repeatedly.
  • ◇Excellent heat resistance and mold release effect.
Item Unit IT8G-D2
Color - Green
Thickness mm 0.8
Width mm 200~1,000
Length M 10
Rubber hardness(JIS A) Hs 45


This is a composite sheet in which a silicone rubber with excellent heat resistance is lined up on one side of the glass cloth substrate and a silicone adhesive is lined up on the other side.


  • ◇It provides release and gripping properties to a guide rolls, etc.


  • ◇Release properties and gripping properties can be easily provided by attaching to a guide-roll, etc.
  • ◇Excellent heat resistance.
Item Unit IT8G-A2
Color - Green
Thickness mm 0.4
Width mm 50~1,000
Length M 1~
Rubber hardness(JIS A) Hs 60

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