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TG sheet

This adhesive sheet uses a special elastomer and if it gets dirty, simply washing it with water restores its adhesive strength, so it can be used repeatedly and has excellent transparency and removability.


  • ◇Temporary fixing of posters and other postings
  • ◇Prevention of products slipping or falling.
  • ◇Carpet, mat fixing, etc.


  • ◇Excellent removability and no glue residue
  • ◇The marks are not noticeable since the transparency is high.
  • ◇The adhesive strength can be restored by washing it with water if it gets dirty.

There are three types: one-sided type, double-sided type, and different adhesive type (single-sided strong adhesive), depending on the configuration of the adhesive surface.

TG sheet One-sided type

Only one side is a removable TG adhesive surface. It is possible to create novelty goods by printing on the substrate side.

TG sheet Double-sided type

Both sides are removable TG adhesive surfaces.

TG sheet Different adhesive type

One side is a removable type TG adhesive surface, and the other side is an acrylic strong adhesive surface.

General characteristics

Item Characteristic Measuring method
TG surface grad #80  
Adhesive force 250 gf/25mm JIS Z0237Conform
Hardness 14 Asker C hardness tester
Tensile strength 0.66 MPa JIS K6251Conform
Elongation 480% JIS K6251Conform
Tear strength 2.7 N/mm JIS K6252Conform
Heat-resistant No abnormality JIS K6380 BⅢ Heat aging100℃ 70hrs
Hot water resistance No abnormality JIS K6301 Hot water 100℃ 24hrs
Low temperature bending test No abnormality JIS K6380 Low temperature -40℃ 3hrs
Stickiness after heat aging 415 gf/14mm 80℃x300hrs Pickup type tack meter
440 gf/14mm 80℃x500hrs Pickup type tack meter
442 gf/14mm 80℃x1000hrs Pickup type tack meter
Light resistance Discoloration 4th grade537gf/14mm 80℃x100hrs Weather meter (No rain)
Light resistance Stickiness No contamination Pickup type tack meter
Transferability Passed toy standards JIS K6403Conform
Safety Food Sanitation Act Toy standards
800gf/25mm Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No.85
Strong adhesive surface
Adhesive strength
  JIS Z0237Conform

※The above values are representative values, not standard values.

Precautions for use and storage of TG Sheet

  • ◇It may deteriorate or dissolve due to direct sunlight and temperature.
  • ◇It may be difficult to peel off depending on the object.
  • ◇Do not use for materials that contain a lot of soft vinyl chloride or plasticizer.

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