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Silicone thermal release sheet

In recent years, heat dissipation measures that accompany the miniaturization and high performance of electrical and electronic equipment have become important.
“Thermo-release” is a highly flexible silicone sheet with excellent thermal conductivity. It is a high-performance material that efficiently drives heat in between a heat source such as CPU, Power IC, LED, etc. and a heat sink / metal frame.


  • ◇Thermal insulation material for LED lighting and backlight
  • ◇Heat dissipation insulation for battery module
  • ◇Heat dissipation insulation for automotive power devices
  • ◇Heat dissipation insulation for power transistors for power supplies
  • ◇Heat dissipation insulation for such as CPU and MPU


  • ◇Extremely flexible, so it adheres closely to the heating element and cooling parts and exhibits a high heat dissipation effect.
  • ◇Excellent electrical insulation and flame resistance.
  • ◇Easy to attach / detach to the heating element and excellent workability.
  • ◇Can be used in a wide temperature range.
  • ◇Provide high cost performance by reasonable manufacturing methods and material procurement.

We have a wide track record in heat countermeasures for LED lighting, IC boards, etc.
We have products such as double-sided adhesive, single-sided non-adhesive, and with substrates for different applications.

Product example

Item Unit Product name
Thermal conductivity W/m・K 1.4 2.0 1.4
Hardness Asker-C 20 14 50(JIS A)
Tensile strength MPa 0.15 0.08 -
Flame retardance UL-94 V-1/V-0 ※1 V-0 V-0
Dielectric breakdown strength kV/mm 17.0 10.0 26.0
Volume resistivity Ω・cm 9.0x1013 1.0x1014 4.0x1014
Thickness mm 1~3 1~3 0.3~0.5

※1 TR-E (Flame retardance):Thickness 0.5~2.9mm=V-1 Thickness>3.0mm=V-0
※The above values are representative values, not standard values
※We also have products with low molecular cyclic siloxane reduced to a certain level.
※We can also develop products according to customer’s requirements, so please contact

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